Our Technology

Intermittent solar generation limits adoption; forecasting solar production is important in the transition to a renewable and energy-independent future. We offer solar forecasting across three broad time horizons: the hour, the day, and the season and beyond. We also offer historical and instantaneous irradiance prediction services across North America.

Nowcasting with AI

Leveraging satellite data and machine learning, Nimbus AI can provide 60-minute look-ahead forecasts at 10-minute intervals for ground-level irradiance anywhere in the US.

Day-Ahead probabilistic forecasting

We can provide hyper-local day-ahead probabilistic forecasts for hourly solar irradiance across North America; perfect for day-ahead electricity market participants.

Sterling, VA day-ahead clear sky and partly cloudy forecasts. Darker color indicates median forecast.

Irradiance and PV production predictions

Nimbus AI leverages high-resolution satellite instrumentation to provide historical and real-time predictions for ground-level irradiance and PV production.

Predicting residential photovoltaic system production from satellite data. Also included is a 10-minute look-ahead forecast.